FREE Little Boxy Dress Workshop

Made by over 3000 women, the Little Boxy Dress Sewing Workshop is the perfect start to your handmade wardrobe!

I designed the Little Boxy Dress Sewing Workshop to help busy women PRIORITISE creativity in their lives, by committing to an easy and fun sewing project. So you can feel a sense of accomplishment and rediscover the FUN and FREEDOM of creativity.

little boxy dress free sewing pattern for women

How it Works

You’ll draft your own sewing pattern to create a reversible, boxy, timeless and minimal shift dress. Videos will show you step-by-step, how to sew your new dress.

At the end of the challenge, you’re wearing your tailor made dress, whilst others cannot believe you found the time and motivation in your busy life.

The workshop lasts for 6 days, and every few days of the challenge, you’ll get an instructional video from me, as well as motivational prompts to get you to the finish line.

Ready to kick your creativity into gear? Join the Little Boxy Dress Sewing Workshop today.